Upgrade time; Used M3D Micro (baby blue)

Upgrade time; Used M3D Micro (baby blue)

Postby tjspencer28 » Sun Dec 17, 2017 8:40 pm

Time for an upgrade because that's just how you do it. I have an M3D micro with plenty o' filament. Extra buildtak and original nozzle included. Each time this machine was not used, it was covered or stored in bubble wrap. Simple things that can be fixed but reasons why I'm upgrading: a heated print bed because sometimes the raft warps up on the corners, and quite frankly I need something with a stronger print, more detail. This printer did it's job for basic prints all day long. 30+ hours of use, haven't even made it thru one spool of filament (some sample prints down below. p.s. the green painters tape helped me best with prints.) I have taken excellent care of this machine along with all my other belongings. I only want $349 I am willing to work out shipping costs
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