Shipping-tests with discounted filaments

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Shipping-tests with discounted filaments

Postby Barmonster » Wed Jul 02, 2014 3:35 pm

M3D just put up a mail-List for people to sign up if they want to participate in a series of test-shipments with special discounted filaments. You can subscribe here:

In Update #12 they wrote:

M3D wrote:To test the numbers fully, we will be doing a dry run of our international shipments. We hope to have your help, by offering backers exclusive early access and deep discounts to purchase larger sized filament spools. There will be a full spectrum of colors and at least 200 spools up for grabs under market rates as a one-time special. This will take about a month to setup, so stay tuned.

so the spools won't be the size that fits under the Micro's print-bed (I guess they will be 500 or 1.000 g) and it is still unclear, what price they will actually be sold at, but I will post everything I learn about this shipping-test here in this topic.
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